About me

I am passionate believer in the ability of art to empower children: it gives them a way to find their own voice, to feel free to experiment and make mistakes, and so to create different and new ways to think about things.  In unlocking children’s creative potential, we we boost their self-confidence, and we give them skills to find different ways of being and to effect change.

I started artshedhove to  give children the opportunity to experience making art in a way not possible in the education system, with it’s focus on curriculum standards and large classes.   Children’s personal power and unique voices are stifled if we give them a step-by-step process in making art. In these sessions, art is about exploration and discovery, learning by trial and error, questioning, trouble-shooting and play!

I have come to teaching these sessions through decades of working with children, and many years involvement with the arts.  After a career in social work, and years raising my own children, I completed a foundation course in art and design and then in 2010 a degree in Fine Art.   I currently work in a primary School.  I have also trained with the national charity the Art Room, to use art therapeutically with children.  These classes enable me to combine love of art with my commitment to working with children.